My name is Sara Pittaluga (Pitta as my childhood friends call me) and I believe everyone is a superhero with a secret power. Mine is in my hands.

After an MA in Sensory Design in Milan, I explored new ways to inspire people to express themselves mainly through illustration and storytelling (and I worked with great companies such as Johnson and Johnson and Moleskine).

In 2014 I moved to London and fell victim to the "Wonder Woman Syndrome": I wanted to do it all, do it well and do it myself. The pressure was high but I thought a big change required effort and struggle.

I wasn't even drawing much. After trying several therapies to support my new path (and inject some new energy in my British life!) I discovered the Footwork technique and how to let go of all the unnecessary efforts in my body. I became a practitioner, and went back to drawing too. I now want to pass on my experience to all the Wonder Women out there. Yes, it can be smoother. And a lot more playful.